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Adventure into the future full comic.pdf
Johnny Powers builds a tin can turbine for a science fair. He and his friends learn about careers in engineering from Johnny's brother Ed, a General Electric engineer.

Adventure into the past full comic.pdf
GE engineer Ed Powers takes his nephew Johnny and his friend Jane to Colonial Williamsburg to explore how electricity changed everyday life.

Adventures in electricity 1.pdf
Ed and Johnny Powers travel out into a storm and are stranded by downed power lines. Ed, a GE engineer, uses the opportunity to teach his younger brother about the generation and transmission of electricity,

Adventures in electricity 2.pdf
Johnny Powers and his classmates explore the many uses of electricity in the home and at the circus with the help of Johnny's brother Ed, a General Electric electrical engineer.

Adventures in electricity 3.pdf
Revision of Adventures in electricity number one. Focuses on the generation and transmission of electricity. Young Johnny Powers gets caught in a storm with his older brother Ed Powers, a GE engineer. The cover shows the General Electric lightning…

Adventures in electricity 4.pdf
Johnny Powers falls from a tree and hurts his arm. As older brother Ed Powers, a GE engineer, takes him to the hospital for an X-ray, he explains how X-rays work and the history of X-rays, including the contributions of Wilhelm Roentgen and William…

Adventures in electricity 5.pdf
Johnny Powers visits the centennial of railroading exhibition with his brother Ed, and explores Thomas Edison's electric rail demonstration track at Menlo Park, the history of electric and diesel-electric locomotives, and a comparison of different…

Adventures in electricity 6.pdf
Johnny Powers and his older brother Ed visit Edison's restored Menlo Park laboratory at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan and the GE Lighting Institute at Nela Park in Cleveland, OH to learn about Edison's lighting developments…

Ed and Johnny Powers, along with Johnny's friend Jane, visit the WRGB television studio in Schenectady and GE's Electronics Park complex in Syracuse to learn about television and the development of high vacuum electronics. WRGB, founded in 1928, is…

Adventures in electricity 8.pdf
This is the first of the GE educational comic books. Johnny Powers visits his older brother Ed's laboratory at GE, and learns about life before electricity and how electricity is generated and transmitted.
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