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General Electric Review September 1953.pdf
Article about the success of the General Electric comic book program, written by one of the managers of the program.

GE Monogram October 1954 10-11.pdf
Article about the success of the General Electric comic book program and other educational booklets.


Hot Off the Press

For 37,000 science teachers and the same
number of social studies teachers, two new
G·E booklets, "The Story…

GE Monogram June 1956 26-27.pdf
Article about the success of the General Electric comic book program and its manager, Dwight Van Avery.


"Education is no joke." This is
the title of a two-page feature in the June
10 magazine section of the New York Sunday

GE Monogram June 1953 16-19.pdf
Article about the popularity of the GE comic books in class rooms, listing the popularity of the early comic books.

GE Monogram 1970-07.pdf
Biographical article about Frank Panny, an GE Educational Relations employee who worked on the comic book project.

You put a microphone in front of a performer
or a politician and he becomes
almost incandescent. But not…

GE Monogram 1961-02.pdf
Article about success of GE comic book distribution.


Since they were originated in 1944, more than
125 million educational comic books
have been distributed by the Company's
Educational Relations & Support Service.

GE Monogram 1958-08.pdf
Article about the international success of the GE comic books.

Ubiquitous Atom: General Electric's
educational "comic book" Adventures Inside
the Atom, recently translated into
Urdu and Arabic, has made its debut in
Pakistan and…

GE Monogram 1952-05.pdf
Article about how the comic books helped make GE the most recognized brand among teenagers.

Article about the Adventure into the Future comic and planning a future career in engineering.

Advetnrues Ahead November-December 1952.pdf
Article announces the new Land of Plenty comic book.

Transcript of article:

New Cartoon
WITH the presses barely stilled
after printing one new cartoon
narrative for General Electric, another
one is ready to…
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