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Electric power full comic.pdf
Explores the history of electric power, the use of electricity in the home, industry, and farms; and the function of power stations, and the distribution and transmission networks. Includes experiments that could be done at home.

How does it work full comic.pdf
Educational comic book from Westinghouse explores different electrical-based technologies, including atomic power, jet propulsion, electric lighting, motors, radio, and television. It also explores the technology of the future. It includes some…

On the air full comic.pdf
A microphone comes to life and takes young Jimmy on behind-the-scenes tour of the NBC radio studios.

Mr Edisons dilemma.pdf
A class discusses the basics of electricity generation and the challenges that face utilities with the increase in electricity usage.

Light for the world.pdf
Students visit a theater and see a show about Edison's life and electricity-related inventions, including his incandescent lamp and bi-polar dynamo. The show also discusses the changes in electricity generation since Edison's time and how they shaped…

George Westinghouse.pdf
The comic commemorates the centennial of George Westinghouse's birth, telling the story of his life, the invention of the air brake for trains and his work with William Stanley and Nikola Tesla on alternating current electricity. The comic includes…
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