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Electric power full comic.pdf
Explores the history of electric power, the use of electricity in the home, industry, and farms; and the function of power stations, and the distribution and transmission networks. Includes experiments that could be done at home.

How does it work full comic.pdf
Educational comic book from Westinghouse explores different electrical-based technologies, including atomic power, jet propulsion, electric lighting, motors, radio, and television. It also explores the technology of the future. It includes someā€¦

On the air full comic.pdf
A microphone comes to life and takes young Jimmy on behind-the-scenes tour of the NBC radio studios.

Spanish language version of "The Littlest Giant" comic book detailing the science and application of transistors.

Historia de la luz electrica full comic.pdf
Spanish language version of the Story of LIght comic book.

Science in your future full comic.pdf
Ed Powers, a GE engineer, takes his teenage brother Johnny on a tour of the General Electric Research Laboratory in Niskayuna, NY and explore new scientific discoveries.
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